Sunday, February 6, 2011

the lil boy

This post will be dedicated the the little boy with the many faces (as u will see below).. Really wished I could be home for his birthday..which kinda coincides with cny.. not that he is of age yet to go online and see himself in my dusty, almost dying blog.. but i do love these pics :)
i see two chipmunks in this photo

Yi Wei and his new favourite toy (replaced his poor mimi cat, mwahahah)
Yi Wei: Jie, Jie.. I know what I am calling this penguin
Me: Wat?
Yi Wei: Flippy
Me: (impressed) Where did you get that name from?
Yi Wei: Nah, says here.. seee.. (shows me the words on the penguin's scarf)
It says: Phillip Islands (in Aus, where i bought Flippy) Phillip, Flippy.. whats the difference?
Superman in Petaling Street dress him up in funny silly costumes while he is too young to notice!!

I see 2 rabbits here

No, I didnt eat your rice ball..


He and his new best friend

My favourite pic of all...............this is priceless.. look at his face >_<
I miss all of them at home! Wonder if I can buy doraemon on ebay and use his pintu suka hati..

Friday, December 17, 2010


As I arrived late for a neurology clinical meeting, I spotted an empty space in the corner of the room between 2 consultants, stumbled past the other consultants and rested in that spot.
One of the consultants on my right shuffled in his seat to make room large enough for a hamster, looked at me and patted that part of the seat, offering me that miniscule amount of space to sit on..
With only a few seconds to respond, a long train of thought rushed through my head " Aww.. thats nice of him..should I sit? but the space is so small.. would it be impolite to refuse? but it would be weird..."
Without finishing my thought process, I thanked him and sat down.. He said to me " just don't get up in a hurry, I might topple over ^_^" teeheehee

Only after I sat down did I realise.... that I am sharing a chair with a consultant -_- back to back... my legs were tired having to support my weight.. the next few minutes I was distracted and couldnt concentrate on the case presentation as I tried to decide if I should continue to uncomfortably share the seat with the consultant or stand back up..
Alas, I turned to him and told him " I'm gonna stand up now"...and gave him back his seat..
It was the smartest thing I did that day, because a few minutes later, he voiced out his opinion about the case and I realised all heads turned to look at him.. imagine what it would be like if I was sharing his seat at that time...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crossing Mount Doom

In the spirit of being in New Zealand, the setting of many LOTR scenes, Chee Mei and I sat through LOTR 1,2, and 3 in 3 days before our adventure in the weekend..

We had a rocky start.. Went to the Jucy car rentals to get our car and discovered we were not going to be rented a car if the driving license is not translated (Grrr) So off we went with our backpacks, with directions to the translator. the road was hilly, and we sweated and grumbled our way through.
With that done, we went back to the car rentals and discovered there were no more gps available!! just rely on maps instead.. Adventure!

Our first target: The Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Distance: 19.4 km(follow the red line)
Something I know i am totally unfit and unprepared for, but it was voted one of the most beautiful, must-do walks in nz.. or the world?I huffed and puffed my way up.. the diagram above depicts the changes in my mood and energy as I go the distance.. notice how the dying faces are at very steep gradients... but the view at the end uplifts my spirits and gave me strength to go on.. afterall, there was no point turning back...
Cant imagine the happiness I felt when I reached the end of the trek :D Relief.
Mount Ngauruhoe.. the supposed mount Doom in LOTR......
Surreal. (or as we malaysians say: Waaa.. Dam fake laaaa)We did not only trek through loose rocks and sandy terrain, but also through snow!
Still cant believe I managed to trek for 8 hours @_@.. How did a tofu like me do it??

White Water rafting: Kaituna River

Kaituna river basically has 3 waterfalls: at 2m, 1m and 7 m respectfully.. 7m!! I have rafted before in Sabah.. but never have I gone down vertically from a 7m waterfall.
Before we started our adventure our guide gave us a few pointers about safety issues. "There are 3 possibilities that could happen when we go down the fall," he said.
"1. The raft falls and lands beautifully, we hold our paddles up and celebrate!
2. The raft overturns and lands upsidedown.. just hold on to the rope and swim out of the overturned raft..
3. The raft falls and lands beautifully, and when we hold out our paddles, we notice one is missing. If you fall out of the raft down the 7m drop, curl into a ball, count to 5 and go to your happy place."

Only when he mentioned the 3rd possibility did i get nervous.

eek.. but we survived and it was amazing fun!!! Some pictures to give you an idea..
Survived and conquered Kaituna! Weee..

Awesome weekend in Rotorua/ Tongariro

In a nutshell, here was what I did in 4 days:
walked/climbed/dragged myself 19.4 km across the Tongariro Crossing, dropped by Lake Taupo, rode the vertical 7 m drop when white water rafting on the Kaituna river, saw and smelled the geothermal area Rotorua is so famous for, learned the culture of the Maori people and ate their food, hot spring bath in the Polynesian spa overlooking Lake Rotorua, Zorbed down the hill like a hamster in a hamsterball (plus water), and felt like hobbit when I visited the Hobbiton shire...
Productive. :)
More, when I get my photos up ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fear me, i have a weapon.

A new weapon have been acquired to extinguish the enemies in my room..
Its the Amazing flygun! kills flies, but does not squish!
even comes with some handy info about the enemy...

Armed and ready to face the enemy...Approaching target....

Target acquired, and locked in:

B A N G !


I get a day off my anaesthesia posting and here I am lying in bed doing nothing.. bliss :) and safe from the horrible scottish weather..
i would like to say i'm wiping off the dust of my long forgotten blog today, but I'm afraid of committing to constantly updating my blog to boring details of my life.. and how do I find the time to blog about uninteresting stuff when i'm in the hospital everyday 8-5 and have to study.. yaya.. whine whine whine..
oh well, its my blog.. I can write anything whenever I want..
Forming sentences kinda give me a false impression that i'm actually doing something with my intellect.. definitely more of a mind work that staring at the screen watching tv dramas

Currently, I am typing this post with background buzzing from the wings of flies hitting against my room window.. they.. yes, they (more than 1 :'( ) mysteriously appear despite my windows and door tightly shut.. nope, there is no sign of rotting flesh/food in my room, although I am afraid of looking into the corners of my room to find a bunch of crawling mag- >_<

I want my holidays back! no use dwelling in the past.. now to look forward to home in october and electives in auckland and melbourne in nov-jan.. have to get past surgery and paeds first..

Goal: get motivated to get back into the wards and study, once I get rid of these flies! (feel so far away from that stage )

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why some do not eat prawns...

"Wh-whats going on?? where am I?? Papa.. where are you?? I'm scared... :("

"I....I... don't wanna get eaten... I'm too young to die!!! Pleaseee.."

"Baby... papa is here.. don't be scared...I'm begging you... please let him go.. he's just a little prawn.."

"I beg of you....!!"

" Please Please Please let me go"

"Noo... don't come any nearer"

"No no no... please have mercy on me..."
"Please.... :'( "